6 garage ideas to maximise space

An often-overlooked area, your garage has great storage potential. Even with limited floorspace, there’s plenty you can do maximise the area around the walls. Whether it’s seasonal decorations, sports and gardening equipment or recycling, we’ve got a storage solution to keep your stuff organised and free up space in your home.

When it’s so last season

No one wants seasonal stuff like holiday decorations hanging around the house. The garage can be great place to put it all; by using boxes to store it, your stuff is kept clean, tidy and out of sight. Just don’t forget to label everything so you know where to find it again.

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Create a gardening station

Transform an empty corner into a nook for your gardening equipment. Hang your garden hose and tools on the wall, use a tray to leave your dirty workboots, put your supplies into boxes and store on wall shelves. You can limit the mess inside your home by using a trolley to pot plants and a bin for compost. ​

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A place to put your preserves​

Harvest what the garden gives you, then store it in a dedicated pantry. Use glass jars, boxes and containers to put your jams, pickles and preserves, then label it and store it on shelves in your garage. The garage is also a convenient place to unload your groceries before entering the house.

Sports storage for the whole family

Hooks and shelving give sports clothing, bags or protective padding a place to air out. Use racks on the walls for helmets, skateboards or ski poles, then use bins for balls. Section off an area for the kids to keep their stuff tidy and their clothes in an easy to reach place.

Build your own workshop

Create a space in your garage to do carpentry or other creative projects. Paint a wall and add hooks to hang your tools or paintbrushes, then add a well-placed spotlight so you can clearly see your handy work. Use open shelving with boxes to keep smaller items like nails and screws.

An effortless recycling system​

Keep the majority of your recycling out of the house by having a designated recycling area in your garage. Put the recyclable materials into larger labelled containers and add extra shelving, bins and boxes to store other things that you don’t need in your living space, like cleaning products.

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