5 ways to organise kids bedroom storage

Having a place for everything definitely makes it easier to keep things tidy in your child’s room. Good storage can also help make it fun for them to organise their toys and nick-nacks all by themselves – even more so if you let them decide where all their things should go.

1. Make sure toys are ready for playtime

What would make toy access easy for your child? You could try low storage for larger things and toys they can reach themselves, and put other toys away in the wall drawers. Then they can play with what is in reach, while you introduce ‘new’ toys from the high drawers when it’s time for a mood refresh.

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2. Go create!

Set up dedicated spaces for things like creative and focused activities. Put pens, paper, stationery and craft  materials in easy-to-access boxes and organisers on an open shelf near their desk so your children can just sit down and get started. Complete with a fun work lamp for clear lighting.

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3. Put books and toys in show-off mode

A simple display storage unit or wall storage can become an ever-changing show of your child’s favourite things – whether that means favourite toys, books, or cute furry friends. As well as being inspiring and cheerful, it makes it easy for them to pick and choose what they want to play with or read.​

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4. Easy out, easy away

Playful, fun and mobile storage helps make clearing up a breeze too. Storage with compartments can breathe new life into play as well as move to the edge of the room when needed. Or use a box on wheels to gather up wayward toys from the day’s activities that ‘goes to bed’ at the same time as your child.

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5. Smile! It’s tidy up time

All chores become easier with a grin or two – even tidying up. Try furniture with built-in storage to bring on the giggles when everything gets put away in a flash. Or you could invent fun ‘tidy-up’ games like feeding the whale with toys. An upbeat tune adds an energy boost to keep the happy vibe going.

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