5 small bathroom storage ideas to maximise your space

Getting enough storage in a small bathroom is all about making smart use of every inch. Some shelves under the wash-basin, a large mirror cabinet, a trolley or some new hooks and hangers are all quick fixes that easily can be made to help keep your things nice and tidy.

Instant under-sink shelves

You might not have a wash-stand with cabinets or drawers, but you can still use the space under your wash-basin for storage. With two of these triangular shelves, you get a quick and easy solution that fits perfectly around the pipes.

A trolley that can take it

Why not add a trolley for extra storage – or perhaps two parked along a wall? This slim design in thick, sturdy plastic is easy to fit in almost anywhere and handles a good storage load just as well as a good soak.

Make your mirror do more

Most bathrooms need a bathroom mirror to be complete. Choosing a mirror cabinet instead is no giant leap, but it’s a smart one. This way you also get closed storage that helps unclutter your small space, conveniently placed right over your wash-basin.

Storage in storage on storage

A hanger with hooks makes smart use of the bathroom door for more storage. But that’s only the beginning of it. You can put baskets and other hanging containers on each hook and customise your storage to suit you perfectly, perhaps with small storage inside.

Fill it, don’t drill it

In a small bathroom, wall storage is key as it doesn’t take any floor space. So, a wall full of hooks can be a great idea, but a bunch of drill holes in your wall probably isn’t. Using self-adhesive hooks is a warm recommendation.

More ways to boost your bathroom storage

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Written by: IKEA
Translated by: Ayu Nindyakirana

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