5 Creative ways to use storage boxes in the living room

The living room is the main room of the house that will always be entered and also passed. Apart from receiving guests, the living room certainly has other functions, such as a place to relax and gather family members. However, it should be noted that the items in the living room are not scattered or too piled up so as not to give a messy impression.

One solution is to maximize space with storage boxes that can also be used as decorations. Let's first understand the types of storage boxes so that they can match the room you have.

The type of storage box according to the needs

  1.  Cardboard box
    Boxes with the most ergonomic materials are usually used to store documents, photographs or other memorabilia. These cardboard storage boxes are suitable for temporary storage or storage in a cupboard or warehouse.
  2. Plastic Box
    Plastic material is certainly more durable than cardboard material. Boxes made of plastic are usually used to store items that need to be protected from moisture.
  3. Box with cloth lining
    Storage boxes with a cloth lining are suitable for storing items made of cloth or similar materials and are suitable for storing clothes, bed sheets, or other textile items that are not too heavy.
  4. Transparent plastic drawer
    Transparent plastic drawers with several small drawers are useful for storing small items such as jewelry, cutlery or writing instruments.
  5. Basket
    Baskets are made of various materials such as plastic, metal, or wicker. They are suitable for storage of items that need to be easily accessed or quickly organized. Baskets are usually used for storage on shelves, cabinets or tables.
  6. Wooden box
    Storage boxes made of wood are usually used to store large items and items that tend to be heavy.
  7. Box with lid
    Storage boxes with lids are usually made to be stacked and save more space.

Creative ways to use storage boxes in the living room

1. As a side table
If you have a storage box that is sturdy enough, you can place it next to the couch as a side table. This will provide extra space for drinks, books or a table lamp. This type of storage box with a cloth lining with a cover or a wooden storage box with an additional cover on top can be used as a table next to the living room sofa.
2. As a chair with additional pillows
If the storage box has a flat, sturdy lid, you can add soft pillows on top to create additional seating. This can come in handy when you have guests or just want some extra seating in the living room. This type of wooden box is perfect for additional seating.
3. As a coffee table
Many long, flat storage boxes make for a functional coffee table. Place this box in the middle of your living room and add tablecloths, books or decorations on top. When you need extra space to eat snacks or put drinks in, you can lift the lid.
4. For electronic goods
If you have a lot of electronic devices, such as remotes, cables, or game consoles, use storage boxes with multiple compartments or small drawers. This will help you keep your room tidy and all those items organized and easy to access when you want to use them.
5. To hide things
If you want to store items like children's toys or play equipment hidden away, storage boxes with lids are the perfect solution. You can stack a few of these storage boxes in a corner of the living room or under the coffee table to keep the space clean.
So, those are some creative ways to use storage boxes in the living room. Let's Find More Storage Ideas for Living Room Here!
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