4 Easy Steps to Clean Up the Garage

Garage is an unnoticed area at home, even though this area is quite important since it works as a storage space for your rarely-used items. Let’s start cleaning your garage with these easy steps.

Use the wall area

Garage tends not to be too wide, therefore you need to maximize the wall area. Use hooks to hang equipment such as hoses or ropes so that they are easier to reach.

Label the box

Keeping things in boxes does make the room look tidier, but you'll need more time for finding something. That's why you need to put a label on the box so you know what items are stored in it.

The storage box: an easy way to tidy up your room

Keeping things in boxes is an easy way to clean up a messy garage. Use transparent boxes to make it easier to see what's inside, or boxes with lids to protect items from dust.

A storage and display place

Who says you can't make a garage look more attractive. With a wall shelf, you can store and organise items such as unused plant pots so they look more artistic.