3 ways to make your bathroom work for all ages

Redecorating your family bathroom? Here are some tips and ideas to upgrade your kid’s wash zone by​ storing things at their eye level. Keep things playful, accessible and flowing seamlessly.

1. Everyone’s bathroom board​

Kid’s stuff? On the bottom. Shaving creme? Sorted higher up. Seeing all the small stuff organised in the right height like this makes every day a little happier and morning routines a lot smoother. With customisable storage add- ons, SKÅDIS pegboard makes thing easy to find, and easy to put back.

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2. Lift me up​

A stool will make it easier for children to join in and learn to brush their teeth and wash their little hands. With the​ anti-slip surface on top and on the underside, BOLMEN step stool is the essential little boost – and as it holds up to 100 kilos, it’s safe for grown-ups too.​

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3. From hooks to mirrors, it’s all about the right height​

Put up a playful wall. Hooks and baskets with a suction cup are easy to arrange so even the youngest ones can reach for a towel, and perfect to move around when your kids grow. Also, it’s always helpful to mount a mirror at a lower height so everyone can see themselves without help.

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