3 bathroom decorating ideas – the power of textiles

How you decorate the bathroom can make a big difference for your morning mood and overall wellbeing each time you step inside. So, here’s a tip: Don’t underestimate what a change of textiles can do to perk things up.

Spa-like harmony in green

If you like a bit of greenery in the bathroom, try continuing the same theme with textiles in harmonising colours. These towels in a serene green are waffl etextured on one side with soft terry on the other, so you get two options when drying. Accessories in bamboo and natural fibre are also a nice touch.

Accessories to go with the look

Monochrome elegance

Mixing shades of grey, from bright white to full black, can give you a stylish expression. In a darker setting, bright nuances deliver more impact – and the opposite. These towels in soft terry come in a range of colours, so you can balance the look any way you like – and change it up any time you like.

Complements in the same style

Natural tone on tone

Using diff erent textures, materials and accessories within an earthy colour scheme can help create a calm and coherent style throughout the bathroom. A beige bath mat can be the perfect start for a new natural look ranging from off - white to dark beige or even grey-brown.

Matching picks for a finishing touch

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Written by: IKEA
Translated by: Ayu Nindyakirana

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