15 must-have kitchenware for home chef

Preparing favorite dishes for family may bring you happiness at home, especially if your hobby is cooking. This year, let’s make your cooking activity more efficient with high quality kitchenware. For the home chef, here are 15 must-have kitchenware that will complete your dream kitchen.

Chopping board

Chopping board is a frequently-used kitchenware. Previously, chopping boards are only used to cut vegetables or meat, but nowadays chopping boards – usually made of wood – are also used as beautiful serving plate. The size and material of chopping board is various depending on your needs. But whatever the material are used, make sure you always keep the chopping board clean.

Wok and frying pan

If you want to make stir-fried vegetables or fried foods, then a wok or frying pan is the kitchenware you need. For pans, you should choose the non-sticky material one to make cooking and cleaning activity much easier. And also you should choose an aluminium pan because it’s light and can spread heat evenly.

Cutlery tray

Keep your eating utensils organised inside a drawer with cutlery tray. By using cutlery tray, you can separate spoons, forks, chopsticks so that it can be much easier to find if you are in a hurry.

Pot stand

Use pot stand to prevent scratching on your kitchen worktop and dining table surface. With playful pattern and colour, pot stands can also act as decorative pieces in your kitchen.


Measuring ingredients becomes very important, especially if you want to make bread or cakes. Make your work much easier by using scale. We recommend you to use a digital scale so that you can get the right amount in quick time so that your cooking activity be more efficient.

Dish drainer

Place a dish drainer next to kitchen sink to holding your soon-to-be-dry dishes. In addition to drying dishes and other cutlery, you can also use this kitchenware as a storage for plates and cutlery if you do not have a cabinet or rack for storing dishes.


Have you ever dropped vegetables or fruit into the sink while washing them? Colander will help you when washing vegetables and fruit and prevent them from falling into the sink. Making sure all ingredients are clean means you are serving healthier foods for your family.

Cake and loaf tin

If you love to make delicious cakes and breads, then cake and loaf tin are the next must-have kitchenware. There are many shapes of tin to choose, from round tins to make sponge cakes, pie tins, or loaf tins if you want to make bread.

Rolling pin

The rolling pin is used when you want to make pasta, noodles, pizza or cakes. There is a wide choice of rolling pin materials, from wood rolling pin, stainless steel rolling pin, marble or silicone rolling pin. Each material has advantages and disadvantages. For example, wood rolling pin is light when used but the dough is often sticky to its surface.


Want to make delicious chicken soup or bolognese sauce for your pasta? Pot is the kitchenware you need. Use stainless steel pot that more durable and can spread heat more evenly. To cook faster, you can use a pot with lid. There are many choices of pot sizes that you can adjust to your needs.


When your kitchen is limited, you need flexible and multifunctional kitchenware like trolley. Not only as additional storage in the kitchen, trolley also be used to serve snacks and drinks for your guests. You can put all your kitchen tools on the trolley if your cabinet or shelves are full.

Shelf insert

No more room for your plates and bowls? By placing the shelf insert, you can have additional space to store glasses, bowls, or jars and make the most of your cabinets.


Making jam or pickle can be a fun activity. You can mix favourite ingredients and then store them in a jar. Make sure the jar you buy has an aroma-tight seal which makes it perfect for preserving your homemade jams. Not only as a container of jam or assorted cookies, beautiful jar also be a center of attention at the living room area.

Kitchen knife

No matter what the food you want to serve today, a kitchen knife always has an important role, from slicing vegetables, cutting meat to peeling fruit. The size of a kitchen knife varies depending on your needs. To cut meat, you need a large kitchen knife to make it easier. For peeling fruit or slicing vegetables, you can choose a smaller kitchen knife.


Spatula is the kitchenware that you need when you want to fry or saute. Therefore this equipment needs to be placed in an area that is easy to find and reach. Spatulas come in a variety of materials, from wooden material, stainless steel material, to plastic material. Each spatula has advantages and disadvantages. For example, stainless steel spatula is more durable than wood and plastic spatula, but it can scratch your frying pan coating.

It's time for you to start buying all kitchenware you need to make the most of your kitchen. If you want to create a new kitchen, we provide kitchen furniture and accessories to suit your cooking habits. And if there are some difficulties, our kitchen experts are willing to give a hand.
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