IKEA tumbler day

Terms and conditions
  1. The promotion is valid every Friday, including public holidays.
  2. This offer is available exclusively at the IKEA Swedish Café.
  3. This offer is limited to IKEA Family Members.
  4. Get 50% discount on beverages purchase when using an IKEA tumbler, and a 20% discount on beverages purchase when using non IKEA tumbler.
  5. This offer valid for one serving of reguler size only.
  6. Hot beverages must be served in glass or stainless steel tumblers, plastic tumblers can only served cold beverages.
  7. This offer does not apply to Mixed Berry Tea and all variant hot tea.
  8. Each IKEA Family member is entitled to one discounted transaction per day.
  9. All payment methods are accepted.
  10. IKEA Indonesia reserves the right to refuse order if they do not comply with the terms and conditions that apply to this program.

Hydrate in style!

Explore our stylish range of tumblers—perfect for every sip on the go. Sleek, sustainable, and ready to refresh your routine!

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