Warm and loving gatherings

A dining room with golden-brown leather chairs, a black extendable table, a black chandelier and a white glass-door cabinet.

A home-cooked meal, a spacious table and really comfortable chairs – all wrapped up in warm and inviting textiles, materials and furniture. Here’s how to create the obvious meeting point for family and friends.

A black extendable table, two golden-brown leather chairs, a dark brown bench, a green curtain and an oriental-patterned rug.

NORDVIKEN extendable table easily becomes the natural gathering place in your home, both when eating and studying or working, thanks to its spacious and sturdy design.

Three golden-brown leather chairs with chrome-plated legs, a black table and a multi-coloured oriental-patterned rug.

Stylish, light-weight, stable and all dressed up in golden-brown leather and sleek chrome-plated legs – BERNHARD is a comfortable padded chair that the whole family will love.

A black dining table with place mats made from water hyacinth, white plates, glass bowls with soup and folded tea towels.

Place mats that are made from natural and renewable materials – water hyacinth in this case – bring stylish warmth to the table (and reduce cutlery noise!).

Two white glass-doors cabinets with integrated lighting, storage boxes, decorative items and dinnerware stored inside.

Create an atmosphere in the room with a little help from soft, integrated lighting and beautiful display storage inside your glass-door cabinets. Our HAVSTA series, that’s made from solid pine, includes carefully designed details and a timeless, genuine feel.

A black chandelier with four candles that are being lit by a person, a white glass-door cabinet and dinner served on a table.

Good, general lighting or a cosy atmosphere? A chandelier with both electric light and candle holders lets you change the mood in the room instantly.

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