The natural dining room choice

The things that matter most are worth making space for. SKOGSTA dining table is durable and ideal for heavy-use – so it’s perfect for daily family gatherings and festive feasts with guests!

Every SKOGSTA dining table is unique, with varying grain pattern and natural colour shifts that are part of the charm of wood.

Long-lasting beauty from sustainably-sourced solid pine: HEMNES glass-door cabinet becomes lovelier with each passing year (while it keeps your dinnerware dust-free!).

Soft-glowing light and sustainability in mind. Bamboo that otherwise would be discarded enhances the KNIXHULT lamp’s expression.

Plates and bowls with unique design and sandy-glazed surfaces turn every midweek meal into something special.

Linen curtains add extra beauty and nature into your home while lowering the general light level (perfect for a cosy atmosphere!).

YNGVAR chair isn’t only spacious and comfy – it’s practical too! Hang it on the table to clear the floor space for easy cleaning.

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