Storage ideas that reach new heights

A small hallway with high walls, clothes bars and brackets are mounted vertically to make room for clothes and shoes.
A small hallway can easily transform into a place with generous storage space thanks to some clever hacks and ideas – like making good use of your walls by storing things vertically!
Two clothes bars are wall-mounted. One is by the ceiling and stores clothes in clothes covers, and one is lower and in reach.
Seasonal clothes storage doesn’t have to be close at hand, but it’s preferably stored in a dust-free way.
Two SAMLA transparent storage boxes are stacked on the floor, next to them is a black footstool with storage inside.
A SAMLA box with lid is a good choice if you often move your storage – it’s sturdy and can outlast many years and lifts!
A black footstool with storage stands on the floor. Its lid stands beside and things are stored inside the footstool.
Sit and store in stylish simplicity! BOSNÄS footstool has hidden storage space inside; all you have to do is lift the lid.
A transparent DIMPA storage bag with a foldable bicycle inside is hanging on a hook that’s mounted on a wooden wall.
Sometimes closed storage isn’t about keeping your things dust-free: sometimes it’s about sparing your floor from dirt.
Narrow hallway walls require narrow storage, like stackable SKUBB shoe boxes. Also, the see-through mesh allows air to circulate!

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