Natural elements and sustainability in mind

Bring in the beauty of nature into your dining room. We have many functional furniture pieces, accessories and textiles – with a high sustainability focus – that create a vivid and warm atmosphere.

A durable and hard-wearing bench that’s made from solid wood is a faithful and long-lasting servant who offers extra seating when needed.

A decorative display, a buffet table and hidden storage – a sideboard is a multifunctional piece of furniture that’s practical in many ways!

The legs of DANDERYD table look like wood, but they’re actually made from steel (and the production technique has kept the material waste to a minimum!).

Invest in chairs that you’ll love for a long time. A timeless design, solid wood and machine-washable covers are long-lasting, both style-wise and time-wise.

Unique design doesn’t have to cost a fortune: the classic TÄLLBYN series, with lamps made of metal and mouth-blown glass, is designed by Francis Cayouette.

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