Making it easy to meet over a meal

Eating together is an ideal way to share time on a daily basis. Catch up with the family, exchange stories from your day. A good place to start is a spot that puts everyone at ease, and has comfortable seats for long sessions at the table.
Being able to pull up an extra seat is always good. A nearby stool is an instant option, and hides away just as quick. Either for a visiting friend (of course, guests get proper chairs), or as a handy extra surface.
Giving details just a bit of extra attention really helps heighten the moment. Add place mats, decorated napkins and your favourite tableware, and an everyday meal suddenly becomes a special occasion.
Good support – and soft chair pads to sit on – allow long meals without discomfort. Also, a matching set makes the dining area stylish and inviting.
Extra surfaces by the table are useful by default. Meal accessories help prepping and let people stay seated, while decorations put them at ease.
Say goodbye to harsh sun rays by pressing a remote control: KADRILJ is a wireless roller blind that filters light and creates a soft atmosphere.

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