Lunchroom, streamlined

Large bottles of water, a basket full of fruits, clean tables and comfy chairs, a kitchen that's as calm as a trip to the spa. These are a few things that make your lunchroom a place to rejuvenate and connect with colleagues.

You sit comfortably thanks to the restful flexibility of the scooped seat and shaped back. And practical too – when it's time to clean the floors, just hang them on the table.

Light and dark create an elegant feel in the lunchroom. TOMMARYD table has a clean design that coordinates with many styles. Plus, it has smart little hooks at the edge to hang coats and bags.

Create a colourful and inspiring lunchroom that's a joy to spend time in. JANINGE chair is durable enough for restaurant use – with a design you want to take home.

Whether you're having lunch with a big group of people or if you're in a rush and want to grab a salad on your own, there's always a cosy seat for you.

Your lunch setting just got closer to nature. Let the room breath with natural materials of NORRÅKER table, straightforward Scandinavian design, subtle tones and striking greenery.

Putting together the perfect lunch essentials is easy: Start with the basics — glasses, cutlery, napkins, water carafe and pops of green — and build from there. Here’s how to do it without spending a fortune.

Chocolate anyone? When people feel good, they're more creative. Keep your stack of healthy snacks within easy reach at all times.

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