Long-lasting style and quality

A traditional bedroom never goes out of style – so let’s make sure you can invest in a high-quality furniture series that will be at your service for many years to come.

Lustrous and lovely to sleep in: sateen-woven bedlinen made from lyocell and sustainably grown cotton looks beautiful on your bed and feels good against your skin.

We have room darkening curtains in many different styles and colours, so we are sure you will find the perfect match for your colour scheme.

The IDANÄS series includes different kinds of wardrobes that coordinate beautifully together: the open one offers easy-reach storage while the one with bi-fold doors creates a calm expression.

Who says that weekdays have to be boring? Treat your partner – or yourself – with a tasty breakie in bed!

A tri-fold mirror, good lighting and a practical dressing table make all the difference when optimising, and personalising, your makeup corner.

We often talk about finding time for me-time, but it’s just as important to create dedicated space for it. An extra-wide and deep armchair, a cosy rug for your feet and a good reading lamp offer the perfect relaxation station.

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