Experience the ergonomic pillow effect

Experience the ergonomic pillow effect
Being comfortable when you're asleep is key for making the most of your waking hours. We believe in the power of sleep. And when your head and neck is well supported by a pillow, you snooze even better. But people sleep differently. Some are back sleepers, others sleep on the side or change position many times during the night. That's why our new ergonomic pillows come in many shapes and sizes, so we can all sleep like babies and wake up refreshed.

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Different positions - same effect
Are you a back sleeper, side sleeper or something in between? Well, whatever sleeping position comes most naturally for you, there's an ergonomic pillow that supports your body and gives quality-sleep.
For the back sleeper
The slope in MJÖLKKLOCKA ergonomic pillow provides good support for your upper back and neck, while the shredded filling in RUMSMALVA cradles your head. Letting you relax.
For the side sleeper
Not too hard, not too soft means that your head and neck feel gently hugged by ROSENSKÄRM pillow. And don't get fooled by the normal look of PRAKTVÄDD, it has an inside that takes you to the side sleeper heaven.
A little bit of everything
Ever wondered what it feels like to sleep on a fluffy cloud? Try SKOGSLÖK pillow with a shape that makes you comfy regardless of position. Or KLUBBSPORRE that has a snug softness to keep your head, neck and shoulders loose and relaxed all night - even if you toss and turn.
Designed to make you sleep like a log
To find the pillow for your perfect night's sleep, start with your main sleeping position and then look for the specific benefits and features for your individual needs. For example, ROSENSKÄRM with its typical ergonomic shape, was developed to promote proper alignment and greater sleep. It supports your neck and shoulders so you can completely relax, and contours to your body's natural shape in a side-sleeping or back sleeping position. But regardless of how you look and how you sleep, there's an ergonomic pillow for you.
One pillow, two sleeping positions
Since most people move around a bit at night, all of our six ergonomic pillows are filled with goodness to support a minimum of two ways of sleeping. The uniquely shaped MJÖLKKLOCKA has a larger side that creates a pocket for your shoulders, great for side sleepers. Flip it to the smaller side facing up and the slope lets your neck muscles completely loosen up when sleeping on your back.
The cool side of the pillow
It's no secret that temperature affects the quality of our sleep. Feeling too hot at night is likely to disturb you and even wake you up. The new KLUBBSPORRE ergonomic pillow is topped with a cooling material that maintains your body temperature giving you a soothing surface for falling and staying soundly asleep. Choose what side suits you best, one is cooler than the other.

For maximum snoozing comfort we've made our ergonomic pillows with a non-temperature sensitive foam. This means that your pillow will keep its snug softness no matter if it's hot or chilly in your room.

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