Dinosaur dreaming

A child’s dream room – around the clock! Here’s a magical place where kids can play with dinosaurs during the day, paint their adventures in the afternoon and go to sleep under stars that are millions of years old.
JÄTTELIK cylinder-shaped cushion provides comfy support for small bodies, heads or feet when it's time to rest or read (and the dinosaur pattern makes it really cool, too!).
Under KURA bed tent, your child sleeps surrounded by an entire world of exciting dinosaurs – these big and tough friends guard and protect against monsters (and rowdy siblings!).
Transform an egg into an Ankylosaurus! JÄTTELIK soft toy changes shape when you turn it inside out.
A height-adjustable desk and a pegboard with rearrangeable accessories is a long-lasting combination that can be used for many years.
Paint, cut or draw! The playful MÅLA series has everything your child needs when creativity kicks in.

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