Coordinated style across the home

A furniture series that can be used across the home keeps things coordinated and help create a harmonic expression, especially if you have an open floor plan. The HAUGA series covers most of your needs; from bed frames and wardrobes to TV storage combinations.

A couple of storage boxes with compartments make it easier to organise, divide and keep track of smaller things that are stored inside larger drawers.

Full-on daylight, a cosy atmosphere or a completely darkened room? Two curtain rods and two kinds of curtains – a room darkening curtain and a block-out curtain – let you customise the bedroom light completely.

A work lamp with an adjustable head and arm provide you with directional light, perfect when reading in bed!

An open floor plan can benefit from a furniture series that can be used across the home since this helps create a calm and coordinated atmosphere.

Install LED lighting strips inside your wardrobe to make dark mornings a little cosier (and your clothes a little easier to find!).

A couple of wall-mounted hooks offer a sleek and stylish storage solution for accessories, upcoming outfits and semi-used clothes.

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