Co-working just the way you like it

The world of work is changing. People are becoming more flexible and, as a result, our co-working offices do too. And yet some things remain the same: Emails need answering, projects need completing and meetings need to happen.
Here are solutions that allow for different styles of working, alone or together.

Keep papers – and your mind – in good order with the BEKANT storage units. Designed to suit today’s flexible and dynamic working environments, they are easy to move around and use in different ways, while meeting all the demands of efficient storage.

Small things can make a huge difference in daily work – and improve health and wellbeing in the long run. BEKANT sit/stand desk lets you change position during the day and keeps the body moving.

It’s important to sit properly and use a chair that is kind to the body (and pleasant to look at). LÅNGFJÄLL chair has a tilt- and height-adjusting mechanism that’s built to outlast years of ups and downs.

As much as computers and devices can streamline our lives, going analogue is the best way to access our more fleeting internal voice. Create an area for noting ideas throughout the day!

Time for a relaxing coffee in BINGSTA armchair. Seating like this is comfy and creates a homey work feeling. Great for casual meetings or taking a short break.

Keep your office tidy so everyone is inspired to get back to work the next day. HÄLLAN lockable cabinet organises everything from small things like chargers, wallets and keys to handbags and important papers.

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