Chic and easily accessible

A white bed frame, an open wardrobe that’s half-covered by grey curtains, a white chest of drawers and a grey rug.
Give your clothes the functional and stylish storage they (and you!) deserve. BOAXEL storage system is easily adapted and adjusted to fit all your needs, and its sleek design blends in beautifully with any bedroom style.

NORDLI bed frame has spacious drawers where you can fit many things. Use storage dividers to organise smaller gadgets and accessories!

A beauty station with dedicated space for your makeup and accessories makes sure everything you need is close at hand.

BOAXEL storage system with lots of hanging clothes on a clothes rail, more clothes and hats lie on shelves and in baskets.

Your clothes express who you are, let your wardrobe do so too! BOAXEL storage system makes sure your clothes are beautifully displayed and smartly organised.

Store your seasonal clothes and accessories in stylish storage cases and fashionable bamboo boxes to create an elegant and coordinated wardrobe look.

Chests of drawers offer closed and private storage while their top surfaces are perfect for the decorative things that you want to show off!

A bench can be a versatile piece of furniture: place it by the bed and use it as a spacious bedside table!

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