A minimalist look with maximised storage

A bathroom with dark grey bathroom furniture, a cabinet with mirror door, a grey-green trolley and dark brown bath mats.

Generous storage space that’s hidden behind elegant doors and practical mirrors – here’s a minimalist bathroom that’s maximised behind the scenes.

A wash-stand/wash-basin in dark grey/white, towels and a bath mat in dark brown and a grey-green trolley.

This wash-stand has just enough open storage to maintain an uncluttered look while offering easy-reach for your frequently used things.

A dark grey high cabinet, a round mirror with an extendable arm, knobs in chrome effect and a dark grey wash-stand.

A high cabinet swallows lots of things without taking up too much space in the bathroom.

GODMORGON is a series that specialises in organising both the big and the small things in your home.

FRÄCK mirror has an extendable arm so you can pull it really close when applying makeup (and push it back just as easily when you’re done!).

A couple of knobs can easily optimise an otherwise unused bathroom wall and become the perfect spot for your accessories.

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