A lovely green and environmentally conscious kitchen

 A grey-green kitchen, a wooden dining table, black chairs, a black pendant lamp and lots of herbs that hang on rails.
This BODARP kitchen both radiates and contributes to a more environmentally conscious lifestyle thanks to recycled materials, a water saving sensor tap, and an energy efficient induction hob.
 Wall-mounted kitchen cabinets with grey-green doors that have smooth and practical surfaces resistant to moisture and stains.
BODARP has a grey-green colour that creates a fresh expression in the kitchen – and it even feels fresh when knowing how, and what, it is made of: it's produced in factories that use renewable electricity, and the foil is made of recycled PET.
TÄMNAREN mixer tap has a manual lever on the right side and a sensor function on the left side, so you can turn on, and off, the water with a slight hand movement – no touching is needed.
An induction hob is extremely energy efficient, fast and precise, so it's a really good choice – both for the environment and for lowering your electricity bill.
Make sure that no leftovers go to waste. IKEA 365+ food containers are made from see-through glass, and the tight-fitting bamboo lids keep food fresh and preserve aromas and flavours.
An indoor garden of herbs bring nature into your kitchen and provides you with fresh, close-at-hand, ingredients. Hang your pots on a wall grid, so you have space to cook on your worktop.
 Seen from above is an open kitchen drawer with black waste sorting bins inside. Different kinds of waste is sorted in them.
It feels good to recycle – and it can look good too! Keep things neat and organised inside your kitchen drawers by using waste sorting bins that help divide and sort your recycling.

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