A children's room where imagination never ends

A children's room with a bed in pine, a wall that's painted like mountains, a rug with a boat pattern and lots of soft toys.
A mountain climber, a bus driver, a gymnast or an air balloon captain? Whatever fantasy, this room supports your child's journeys! And when the evening comes, KURA is there for a good night's sleep with lots of adventurous dreams.
KURA bed can grow with your child since it's reversible – it can be a low bed that's safe for smaller children, but when turned it becomes a loft bed with a cuddly play and reading corner at the bottom.
A white open closet with organised children's clothes, a bed in white and pine and a white wall lamp.
Help and teach your child to maintain a nicely ordered wardrobe with the help of different sized boxes with compartments so they can organise their clothes and quickly find what they're looking for.
Sail away on a soft play surface with UPPTÅG low pile rug that is comfy to walk and sit on – and it's spacious enough for friends who are coming over too!
Make cleaning the room an easy chore with low and easy-to-reach storage boxes that help divide different toys and hobbies.
Going to bed should be cosy and fun – read an adventurous story together! And when the books are nicely displayed, it's easy for your child to choose what journey they want to dive into.

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