A bathroom haven for two

Dreaming of a new, improved and trendy bathroom for two? This affordable ENHET bathroom furniture set, with both closed and open storage, offers beautiful and functional harmony – all wrapped up in Scandinavian, stylish simplicity.

White-tiled bathroom with two round mirrors, two wash-stands/wash-basins in grey/white, a black trolley and three wall lamps.
White-tiled bathroom with a storage unit that consists of two grey high cabinets and a frame with shelves in anthracite.

Open bathroom shelves offer show-off storage for the stylish things you want within easy reach. And for the rest of your (less pretty) things? Use high cabinets!

NISSAFORS trolley is a faithful bathroom companion that ensures that your things always are within easy reach.

Wall lamps on each side of the bathroom mirror illuminate your face evenly, which makes it easier to shave or apply makeup.

Bathroom accessories – such as soap dispensers and toothbrush holders – from the same series, help maintain a calm expression (even if you need a couple of each!).

Investing in bathroom necessities might feel boring, but choosing things from the same series can actually help create a stylish atmosphere.

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