Together we create a healthy and safe environment

Care for co-workers and customers

In line with the IKEA commitment for the health and safety of IKEA visitors and co-workers, with the development of the spread of Covid-19, IKEA has taken preventive measures to spread the Covid-19 virus in the IKEA Store area.
Reduced number of visitors

To ensure the social distance required, IKEA Indonesia will reduce the number of customers in our store.

As per direction from the government, only visitors between 5 – 60 years old are allowed inside the store. IKEA co-worker will perform age verification by applying the following requirements: 
  1. Show ID card / KTP (for adult)
  2. Show ID cards such as Children’s Identity Card (KIA), Student Card, Family Card (KK) or Passport (for children)
For those who have certain health condition such as diabetes, heart problem, and high blood pressure are advised to stay at home and avoid going to public places.

*For IKEA Alam Sutera store, based on PERWAL Kota Tangerang no. 2 tahun 2021, Pasal 14A (page 12 – 13), pregnant and breastfeeding mother are not allow to enter store area
Temperature check
Every visitors and IKEA co-workers who enter the store area, a body temperature check is performed to ensure the temperature does not exceed 37.5 degrees Celsius.
The use of hand sanitizer
Every visitors and co-workers entering the IKEA store are encouraged to use hand sanitizer provided at the entrance area and throughout the store. 
Regular cleaning

In order to keep the IKEA store area hygienic, we regularly disinfectant throughout the store area. 
Implementation of physical distancing
To support on the implementation of PSBB (large scale social distancing) IKEA encourage visitors to wear face masks, keeping a safe distance from other customers and not to gather in groups whenever shopping at the IKEA stores.
IKEA also encourage visitors to pay attention to the queue lines as well as the number of people allowed in the elevator
Delivery and Assembly Service
The health and safety of co-workers and customers are priority for IKEA. For this reason, all IKEA co-workers and delivery / assembly co-workers must have their body temperature checked to ensure the temperature does not exceed 37.5 degrees Celsius. In addition, the use of hand sanitizers, face masks and gloves is highly encouraged when assembling products at the customers’ houses, thus creating a safe environment when working.
The use of face mask 

For the health of our customers and co-workers, we encourage you to use face mask at all times. 
Children play area / Smaland

With the implementation of health protocols, we temporarily close children play area / Smaland.
IKEA food

Enjoy IKEA Food at home. Order at our drive thru, on Whatsapp take away and via GoFoo

Please follow our store procedure

IKEA Alam Sutera Store Procedure
IKEA Sentul City Store Procedure

Care for the community and environment

IKEA Indonesia is committed to creating a better everyday live for the many people. Series of social programs focusing on helping to reduce the spread of Coronavirus are running in areas where IKEA is operating.
Product Package Relief
On April 6th, 2020, IKEA Indonesia in cooperation with the Indonesian Hospital Association Banten branch donated product package assistance including blankets, sheets, towels and trolley aimed at supporting the medical personnel in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Product packages have been distributed to RS Permata Pamulang; RSIA BUN Kosambi; RS MISI Lebak; RS An Nisa Cibodas; RS Sari Asih Ciputat and RS EMC Sentul. In addition, IKEA Indonesia also donated hygiene kit to selected communities in Jakarta area.
Food Package Relief
IKEA Indonesia is committed to creating a better everyday lives for the many people, especially where we operate. To show our appreciation, IKEA donate food packages to hospitals in areas where IKEA operate. The food package consist of Swedish meatballs with mashed potato, juice / milk, bread and jam is distributed to RS Permata Pamulang; RSIA BUN Kosambi; RS MISI Lebak; RS An Nisa Cibodas; RS Sari Asih Ciputat, RS EMC Sentul and RS EMC Tangerang. The relief is a collaboration between IKEA Indonesia with Hasta Dasa, one of IKEA suppliers for bread products.
Blue Bag Project: Response to Covid-19
In line with the IKEA global approach, IKEA Indonesia runs a social initiative focused on helping to reduce the spread the Corona virus in West Java. The project is a joint collaboration with the Swedish Embassy and the Provincial Government of West Java in tackling the spread of the Coronavirus by providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). To support the Blue Bag Project, for every FRAKTA carrier bag sold at the IKEA store and online from the period of 1 May to 31 July 2020, 100% of the profit will be used to provide the PPEs.

One Ton Rice Relief

In order to create a better everyday life for the wider community, IKEA Indonesia provides one ton of rice to the people of Bogor Regency. In collaboration with the Bogor Regency Government, the support is given to residents of Bogor district as a form of IKEA concern during the Covid-19 pandemic.

IKEA Indonesia is committed to providing the support for the comunity living in the vicinity where IKEA operates thus can ease the burden on the people affected by Covid-19.

The support was handed over to the Bogor Regency Government as part of the Gerak Cepat program, to help alleviate the residents of Bogor District who were affected by Covid-19, and subsequently forwarded to residents in need in 40 sub-districts and 434 villages.

Areas that received the support include Parung Panjang, Mount Sindur, Ciseeng, Leuwisadeng, Ciampea, Kemang, Tajur Halang, Bojong Gede, Cibinong, Ciomas, Citeureup, Babakan Madang, Ciawi, Gunung Putri and Jonggol.

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