Lose yourself in play

LUSTIGT is all about play for the sake of playing, children and adults alike. It’s a collection with something for all; colouring sheets, a puzzle, a skipping rope, a weaving loom, boules with soft balls and much more. Let’s get absorbed in fun and games.

Don’t give children rules for play, because they will just break them.

Let the play go on and on

Each toy and game was created with timelessness in mind, designed to invite play for many years to come. The items are made from materials that last or can easily be recycled; many are made of natural wood. And when they start to lose their magic, your LUSTIGT toys and games can find a new gamesome owner.

Paper play unlimited

You can make almost anything with LUSTIGT origami paper in 13 different bright colours and 3 shapes.

Face your creativity

Colour as you like to make something cute…or maybe something scary. Made of unbleached paper, these LUSTIGT dog and human masks work great with MÅLA pens.

A home for your heroes and other toys

As your child grows older, the toys might change, but the storage capabilities of LUSTIGT solid wood organiser remain.

The players behind the play

LUSTIGT was developed through collaboration with the design agency Vår, and through a lot of fun, between adults and children. In the process, a bunch of kids got to amuse themselves with the products and give their opinion on what could be improved or changed. Biggest learning? Don’t give children rules for play, because they will just break them.
“Vår is very good at creating imaginary worlds, where there are no rules, rich in many details that create a sense of endlessness where the play can just go on and on” says James Futcher, Creative Leader for LUSTIGT.

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