A better gaming experience by IKEA and ROG

Create the perfect gaming setup with sharp-looking, functional furniture and accessories.​

Game on​

The new range is the result of IKEA partnering up with gaming brand Republic of Gamers, ROG. Together, we've designed gaming desks, gaming chairs and accessories that combine high-performance, great ergonomics and sharp looks.

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“Products that offer better ergonomics help gamers excel at what they do without wearing out their bodies – become better athletes, basically.”​

Jon Karlsson​
Designer, IKEA

Stay on top​

Win or lose. Sometimes it’s the small things that make the difference.

You know the game. We help out with the rest.

Small space or shared space? We have gaming solutions for everyone.​

Tailor-made for you​

A neck pillow, a mouse bungee, a headset stand, a ring light. The right accessories are the perfect add-ons, helping you get the most out of your battle station.

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