ENHET - Bathroom

Introducing the ENHET bathroom series

The modular ENHET bathroom series allows you to create a flexible bathroom that is easy to assemble and customise for life’s many changing phases – or when you just want to show a little more of your personality. Change doors, mix colours, and combine open and closed storage to create a bathroom that is uniquely you. The ENHET series is built to last and comes with a 10-year guarantee. So, don’t worry if you need to disassemble it the next time you move. It’s designed for everyday life.

Start planning your ENHET bathroom

ENHET bathroom cabinets

Use every inch of your room with ENHET bathroom storage cabinets. You can make the most of unused wall space by hanging super adaptable small bathroom cabinets that come in different colours and sizes. Easy to buy as to assemble - you can choose whether to have open or closed storage to show off or hide your bathroom essentials.

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ENHET vanity units

Having a complete vanity unit has never been easier. ENHET vanity units come in ready-made combinations that are easy to assemble - from small vanity units to large solutions - so you can focus on the fun part of choosing the style and colours. Hide clutter in drawers and show off favourites in open storage, it's up to you!

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ENHET bathroom shelving

These small bathroom shelves are super easy to install, with a new wedge dowel innovation that allows you to put together parts in just one click. With these shelving units, you can easily add accessories, mix colours, and combine open and closed shelving, as you wish.

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ENHET bathroom furniture sets – designed so you don’t have to

With ENHET bathroom furniture sets, we already did the hard work of combining the right pieces together, leaving you the fun part of choosing the style and colours. It’s easy to buy, assemble and enjoy for many years to come.

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Finally, a bathroom series even a grown up can assemble

Let’s face it, installing a bathroom can be a tricky task. With ENHET bathroom series, we wanted all parts to be easy to assemble – by just using your two hands. The ENHET cabinets, drawers and metal frames use a wedge dowel that allows you to assemble with just a “click”. It took some innovation from different teams across IKEA, but we got there.

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