IKEA x Du Anyam

A traditional craft that empowers women

Inspired by the weaving tradition that has been passed down from mothers to daughters for generations on the island of Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, three women - Azalea, Hanna, Melia - had the idea to build a social entrepreneurship called Du Anyam – which means "Mother's weaving". Through Du Anyam, they help women in rural East Indonesia have a sustainable income.

Bring a new spirit through traditional crafts

Through sustainable hand woven products, women on the island of Flores can have a sustainable income which can  be used to buy nutritious food, education and health care.

Developing local traditions

Along with improving people's quality of life, Du Anyam's social entrepreneurship promotes traditions and sustainably process local raw materials, such as palm leaves that are handwoven into various products.

From Eastern Indonesia to all people

The weaving pattern that is unique to this area is called ‘Kepitang’ (hexagonal weaving pattern), which symbolizes the connection between culture, religion and government that represents their daily lives. Paired with design input, quality improvement, standardization trainings, the result is an end product that fits the market demand.

A collaboration for further impact

The collaboration with IKEA will allow Du Anyam to grow their impact providing a better quality of life for weavers and their families, while bringing more locally made products using sustainable raw materials.

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