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Save our Earth from your kitchen

Simple things such as choosing cookware material can be the first step to save our Earth. Using frying pan or casserole that are made from cast iron or aluminium will help you to save energy since the material spreads heat evenly. In addition, our cookware also doesn’t contain cadmium or lead which is bad for environment. Buying food from more sustainable source is also a good way to protect the environment.

Did you know?

IKEA seafood products have ASC and MSC certificates which indicate we comply with the standards of responsible farming of seafood.

Food is precious

Every day, about one third of all the food produced around the world is thrown away. Simple steps such as using transparent food containers can help you to store leftovers for the next day. The transparent containers also ensure that you always know what ingredients have not been cooked, so that you can save not only the planet but also your budget.

See how IKEA Food works to reduce food waste

Cook and eat more sustainably

There’s always a second chance

Even you’ve minimized it, there’s always a certain amount of waste associated with food - food packaging or kitchen scraps. Give this waste a second chance! You can use kitchen scraps as compost for plants, or why not replant the vegetables from the scraps that are going to be thrown away? You can put the bottom of a lettuce or a spring onion into a small jar of water and, once rooted, plant on in soil. For food packaging such as paper, cans, plastics, sort them using waste sorting bin so that they are easier to recycle.

Giving rubbish a new life

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