Get your home ready for rainy season

We spend more time at home during the rainy season. Therefore, we need to make our home more comfortable during the rainy season to keep family, especially kids, from becoming bored. If you must go outside, don't forget to bring your rain gear.

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Prepare an umbrella before it rains

The weather is unpredictable during the rainy season. When going outside, make sure you always have an umbrella in your bag. Also prepare LED lights with batteries in case there is a power outage in your home.

Bedroom, the most comfortable place during the rainy season

The rainy season's cold weather makes you want to snuggle under a warm blanket for longer, especially if your bedroom is equipped with a comfortable ergonomic pillow and soft textiles.

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There's no place as warm as home

Cook delicious dishes for the family to warm up the home during the rainy season.  Find all the cookware you need to make soup or your family's favourite dishes.

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Having a good time, even at home

It unexpectedly rained, so the plan to play outside with friends were cancelled. Keep your children happy by preparing fun activities at home.

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The main challenge during the rainy season: laundry

It is difficult to dry laundry in cloudy weather. Having a drying rack that can accommodate a large number of clothes is very helpful for you during the rainy season.

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