Let’s play for change

Playing is not only enjoyable, but can also bring positive changes for you and the earth. While playing, children and adults learn new things and care for the environment in a more fun way. So, #letsplay!

Play and donate

By purchasing 1 BLÅVINGAD soft toy, you have donated Rp. 16.000 to improve water sanitation in rural areas with CSR partnership through Save the Children foundation.

*Estimation 1 Euro = Rp. 16.000

Play and learn

With play activity, we learn new things and care for our planet at the same time. Join the fun in our stores, #letsplay!

Play and save the ocean

Did you know that 80% of the ocean pollution comes from land? And it impacts our marine life.

Let’s help to reduce the pollution and save our ocean.

BLÅVINGAD collection

This collection is designed to inspire interest about life under the ocean. Packed to the brim with soft toys of kids’ favourite marine animals, textiles, games, and lighting, this collection will spark play and curiosity about the ocean across two age groups, from tots to young teens (3-7 years-old and 8+).

More fun ideas to play at home

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