In collaboration with local governments, IKEA has taken various #LangkahAmanBersama to reduce the spread of the pandemic and help people in dealing with Covid 19. Here are some steps we are taking.
The poverty rate in Indonesia increased by 0.97% due to the impact of the pandemic. This causes many children and pre-prosperous families to have difficulty getting access to food and nutrition. IKEA Kota Baru Parahyangan in collaboration with Food Bank Bandung held a Food Relay Program in the period September - December 2021. Through this program IKEA Kota Baru Parahyangan invites to feed (material) excess food through IKEA food aid food drop box that can be found in IKEA Kota Baru Parahyangan area. Excess food will be donated to the Children's Social Welfare Institute (LKSA), the Elderly Social Welfare Institute (LKSU), or Pre-Prosperous Families with children (prone) to malnutrition in West Bandung Regency.

Donate 1,000 packages of medicines and vitamins and donate from the profits from the sale of FRAKTA blue bag

IKEA Indonesia provided 1,000 packages of medicines and vitamins, as well as donations from the sale of the FRAKTA Blue Bag to assist the government in handling Covid-19 cases in East Jakarta. This donation was made during the opening ceremony of the IKEA Jakarta Garden City store

IKEA Jakarta Garden City Vaccination Center

In order to support the government's efforts to break the chain of spread of the Covid-19 virus, IKEA Jakarta Garden City in collaboration with the East Jakarta Administrative City government held a vaccination center. On this occasion, 500 doses of vaccine have been provided every day for East Jakarta residents aged 12 years and over. This vaccination starts from September 27 to October 1 for the first stage and October 25 to October 29 for the second stage in the ikea jakarta garden city parking lot.

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