TikTok video competition

Let's create a TikTok video as creative as you can featuring BLÅHAJ or JÄTTEMÄTT soft toy, and win free meal for 4 pax! Applies for all IKEA Indonesia stores.

How to participate:
  1. Make videos as creative as you can featuring BLÅHAJ or JÄTTEMÄTT. 
  2. Upload and stitch your videos to TikTok.
  3. Please use hashtag of #TikTokChallengeIKEA.
  4. We will choose 3 winners to get free meal for 4 pax.
  5. Winner will be announced on 12 February and 26 February 2023.
Terms and conditions:
  1. Maximum date submitting of the content/video before 26 February 2023.
  2. The content shall not contain element of SARA (Tribe, Religion, Race and Intergroup) and it shall not violate applicable laws dan regulations. The content shall not discredit a brand, trademarks, company or institution. The content shall not mention, display, describe, and/or represent any brands or trademarks owned by others than IKEA.
  3. The submitted video/content is a personal/group original work and participants must be fully responsible for the submitted content.
  4. The submitted content/video can be freely used (with royalty-free) for all activities of PT Rumah Mebel Nusantara (IKEA Indonesia) while still giving the copyright to the creator.
  5. In sending the content, participants shall ensure that it uses royalty-free music, or it has owned all the rights to the music performed or played, and/or have obtained all the required permission from the rightful owner to play or perform the music.
  6. Participant shall ensure the content will not infringe anyone’s copyright.
  7. The content submitted by participants is owned by the respective participant, who is also solely responsible for any form of legal claims and problems arising from the content, including those of intellectual property infringements
  8. IKEA Indonesia will not be responsible for any matter regarding the content submitted in the event of a claim of ownership/copyright on parts/all parts of the video sent and other matters that result to losses with or without any value to the participant or other third parties.
  9. Participants are solely responsible for any infringements and/or violations of others’ intellectual property rights that might occur and/or might be raised by the respective owners in their content, including legal consequences thereof.
  10. IKEA Indonesia reserves the right to disqualify a participant's content/video if it is deemed that it does not meet the requirements.
  11. By submitting the content, participants are deemed to have comply and agreed to all the conditions set forth in this Terms & Conditions.
  12. The winner of the Video Competition is determined by IKEA Indonesia and will be announced on 19 Feb 2023 (first selection) and 6 Mar 2023 (second selection), and IKEA Indonesia decision is absolute and cannot be contested.

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