IKEA Food Aid

Through the Food Relay program, IKEA Kota Baru Parahyangan in collaboration with the Food Bank Bandung community invites individuals / communities / food producers to distribute your excess food (ingredients) through the IKEA Food Aid program to then be distributed to the affected children and underprivileged families. economically due to the pandemic.
By contributing to the Food Relay program together, we can help improve the quality of life for marginalized people living in the West Bandung Regency and surrounding areas.

What can be donated?
  1. Biscuits, cereal or chips
  2. Milk powder
  3. Canned protein: meat, corned beef, sardines
  4. Cooking oil, tea, sugar, etc
  5. Carbohydrates: noodles, flour, vermicelli, pasta

Donations were distributed by Food Bank Bandung witnessed by representatives from IKEA Kota Baru Parahyangan and local goverments.

How's the update in 2022 ?

In July, we organized the “IKEA Funtastic Fit” event, which is a mass aerobic exercise for visitors, as well as a mission to bring and donate excess food from their homes.
Collecting donation on event
“IKEA Funtastic Fit”
Seminar & Talkshow about stunting prevention
and dental health
Preparation of distribution of food aid
to participants
IKEA support for unprivileged families living with children (prone to) malnutrition

What's new in 2023

Apart from donating food, the IKEA Food Aid program also donates toys and dolls that are suitable for use from store visitors to foundation and orphanage children in need.

Apart from personal use, several toys and dolls are also used by the foundation as teaching aids and learning tools for children during the learning period.
IKEA Kota Baru Parahyangan collaborates with Food Bank Bandung, Poundfit Bandung Community, and Mojang Jajaka West Bandung Regency to collect food and toy donations from each routine activity covering a wider area, so that they can be distributed to 5 foundations and orphanages:
  1. BAGEA (Bangun Bahagia Sejahtera) Foundation
  2. Home for Orphans and Dhuafa Al-Fitroh
  3. Social home Ourhome
  4. Study group for street children Rumah Pelangi
  5. Teras Hijau Foundation


who participate as volunteers at the donation handover moment

" It was really surprising and touching, where this moment opened my eyes to another side of life in this city, which is very different from my daily life, and certainly deserves more attention from all of us. "
Fajar Satria Ekatama – Instore Marketing Specialist​

" It was an exciting experience & very nice to be able to mingle & share happiness together there. It opens our minds to the lives around us that there is so much we can do for them from the smallest things that might make them happy. "
Achmad Andi – Sales Team Leader​

" Sharing through shortcomings is an achievement in my life. Learn to continue to hone yourself as a person who is sincere and cares about other people's difficulties. Be light amid darkness. "
Cornelyus Yudha Prapaska – Sales Team Leader​

" Grateful is not just a word, if we see the other side of people's lives out there. A very valuable experience, seeing other people's happiness from the small things we can share... very valuable. "
Mac Lobendino – Sales Team Leader​

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