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IKEA Food Aid: the food relay

Covid-19 pandemic brings many negative impacts, not only on health sector but also on the economy sector in the world, including Indonesia. The increasing number of unemployed due to many bankrupt businesses makes it more difficult for underprivileged families to meet their family’s nutritional needs. One of the impacts is the increasing number of stunting in toddlers during the pandemic. Every year, 1,2 million of 5 million babies are born with stunting condition caused by malnutrition due to difficult access to food.

The difficult access to food becomes one of the reasons for the development of the food bank scheme. Food Bank Bandung is a social nonprofit organisation that actively gives the food access to underprivileged families and saves the excess food from the food supply chain in Bandung City and the vicinities.

The food relay activity

At IKEA, we have always put forward the mission of achieving a positive people and planet agenda in order to create a better everyday life for many people. Therefore, IKEA Indonesia always be willing to help the government and local communities to create a positive living environment.

To help the local government, IKEA Kota Baru Parahyangan in collaboration with Food Bank Bandung hold a Food Relay Program in the period September - December 2021. Through this program, Food Bank Bandung and IKEA KBP invite individuals and communities in the KBP area, Kota Bandung and vicinities to save excess food through the dropboxes facilitated by IKEA KBP and Food Bank Bandung.

Target recipients

The food donations will be distributed to target recipients located in the West Bandung and Bandung City areas and have passed the assessment process by Food Bank Bandung. Target recipients in this case are Foundations, Lembaga Kesejahteraan Sosial Anak (LKSA), or Lembaga Kesejahteraan Sosial Lanjut Usia (LKSU) and underprivileged families (not receiving social assistance, families with children (prone to) malnutrition, the elderly).

Food that can be donated

The donated food is excess food that in good condition or new packaged food, such as:
  • Rice/flour/vermicelli
  • Powdered milk/cereal
  • Biscuits/snacks
  • Oil/soy sauce/seasoning
  • Corned beef/sardines/ready-to-eat sausage
  • Tea/coffee/other powdered drink
  • Other packaged food

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