Electric vehicle battery charging station

The charging area for Electric Vehicles is one of the newest facilities available at IKEA Kota Baru Parahyangan in collaboration with Voltron Indonesia, and was officially opened by the Governor of West Java as part of the "West Java Future Masstrans" event on August 27th 2023, the inauguration of the Bus operational vehicle Electric-based Rapid Transit (BRT).

The availability of Public Electric Vehicle Charging Stations facilities is one of IKEA Indonesia's real commitments to sustainable and environmentally friendly business practices.

You can visit and shop at the IKEA store while charging your electric vehicle at the available location, in the open parking area row A-01 for IDR 2,465 / kWh.

In line with our people and planet positive ambition, we want to embed this in all our operational activities by reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible thereby creating a sustainable life.

User guide



Download Voltron apps on Play Store / App Store
Press "Get Started" to enter the application
Enter the cellphone number
Input the OTP code sent via SMS
Registration successful!

Add electric vehicle type

Select the vehicles menu in the account
Select the type of electric car used
Select the connector type

Add payment method

Select the payment method menu on your account
Select the type of payment method
Payment method verification

How to charge - scan QR code

Open the Voltron application
Scan the QR code on the charging machine
Select the number of kWh
The charging process is running, slide to stop charging
Complete filling process and confirm filling details

How to charge - without scan QR code

Select the charging station location
Select a charging point
Select the number of kWh
Charging process is running, slide to stop charging
The charging process is complete and confirm the charging details

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