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Find inspiration and multifunctional home furnishings at IKEA Bali. The shopping experience is much easier with the digital services and our helpful co-workers.
IKEA Bali, the shopping and inspiration hub on the Dewata Island, is ready to be your best partner in fulfilling all your furniture and home decor needs. Situated in the bustling heart of Bali, IKEA Bali is not only strategically located and easily accessible but also offers an aesthetic, functional, and modern ambiance that blends seamlessly, ensuring you feel at home while embarking on a journey of innovation. IKEA Bali provides an unforgettable shopping experience with a variety of minimalist and modern furniture, sophisticated household essentials, and cutting-edge electronic devices with the latest technology, as well as unique and attractive decor accessories.

Beyond offering quality products, IKEA Bali also provides a friendly and inspiring shopping atmosphere. Starting from detailed product information accessible only by scanning QR codes, to carefully designed room-setting areas allowing you to observe and experience firsthand how each product can perfect your living space. Not stopping there, IKEA Bali has a professional team ready to assist in realizing the interior design dreams of your home. Various enticing promotions are also offered, ensuring not only satisfaction but also providing cost-effectiveness in your shopping experience. Interested in a culinary adventure at IKEA Bali? The cafe and restaurant at IKEA Bali serve delicious Swedish cuisine, snacks, and a variety of cakes to enjoy while recharging your energy. Get inspirational ideas wrapped in warm service only at IKEA Bali, where beauty merges with functionality.

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