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Work and study from home

Make the most of the space under your bed
With FREDVANG you get both a practical nightstand and extra storage space under the bed. Just roll it out at bedtime – and roll it back under the bed in the morning to save floor space.
A simple yet functional tool
Smartphone stand makes it easier for you when browsing, chatting, or having digital meetings. Durable since it's made of bamboo.
Study wherever they want
This organiser has space for everything a child needs to be able to study anywhere.

Must have

A little hero at home
This anti-slip step stool helps your children to reach their needs. Safe for adults to pick up things on high shelf.
An easy-to-move extra storage
This trolley allows you to add extra storage wherever you need it. Its design and size fits perfectly in a small room.

Rest and relax

Cleaner air, healthier home
Air purifier improves indoor air quality. Comes with a particle filter and can be completed with a gas filter to purify air from odours, pollen and pollutants such as dust, smoke and chemicals.
Comfortable for you, comfortable for the environment
Sleep comfortably with our soft duvet cover made of more sustainable material. This cover has buttons that keep the pillow and duvet in place.
As beautiful as a living plant
Plants bring a relaxing feel to your home. If you have better things to do than water plants and pick up dead leaves, FEJKA artificial plants can be the perfect solution.

Home dining

Making your favorite salad just got easier
Salad spinner makes it easy for you to make salad. You can wash vegetables and serve salad from the bowl.
It’s coffee/tea time!
Many times, coffee and tea is what keeps you going – or makes you relax. This coffee/tea maker serves your favourite beverages around the clock and in all seasons.
A harmonious table setting
Make your table setting even more special with coordinated dinnerware. Its simple shapes, muted colours and matt glaze brings a rustic feel to your dining table.

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