Comfort in every thread​

Beautify any room with our textile products that are stylish, and of course, comfortable. Soft sheets, warm blankets, fluffy towels and elegant curtains are ready to embellish your home with style and comfort.
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​A touch of comfort in your home

Experience a touch of warmth and style in our 15 textile selections. Enjoy luxury in simplicity with each product designed for the comfort and beauty of your home.

Cool and comfortable​

KLUBBSPORRE ergonomic pillow has one side with a cooling gel layer that helps you to sleep comfortably all night.​

A comfy topper with cooling relief​

Too warm to sleep? Wrap REXBEGONIA cooling pad around your pillow or place it on your mattress - the cooling sensation helps you relax and fall asleep. Also, the material breathes and absorbs moisture, helping to keep you dry.

Warm as a hug​

Wrap yourself in comfort with our warm blanket products made with fine materials, each blanket is designed to elevate your sleeping experience to a new level.​

Crafting comfort for little ones​

Nurture your child's world with our charming textiles! IKEA's children's textile collections are made with care for your little one's comfort and safety. Let them dream, play and grow surrounded by softness and style. Discover our range today and make every moment special.
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