Which  tree will  it be?

While the question of when to put up a Christmas tree remains a hot debate, there really are no rules when it comes to choosing the right tree for you.

Bored with the old green spruces 

Looking for different way to show off your holiday decorations? From hanging decorations to the centerpiece for your table setting, there are plenty of alternatives that can serve as the focal point for all of your VINTERFINT holiday décor.

​Now is the season for cosy nights in

There’s something about this time of year that makes us want to go into hibernation mode. So turn your living room into a sumptuous retreat for the rainy months ahead. Choose comfy cushions, soft throws, and relaxing scented candles.

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​Make your gifts more special

​Everyone loves gifts, especially during the holiday season. VINTERFINT 2023 collection’s gift wrap rolls takes the characters, colours, patterns and shapes of traditional Swedish folk art and gives them a new life and a modern twist.

No one can resist the taste of homemade cake

Homemade cakes are always perfect to serve during the holiday season. It's not just about taste, but the process of baking cakes with your family is always a memorable moment.

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Let your personality shine​

Nothing says Christmas like twinkling lights. So put a decorative lamp on your side table, line skirting boards or frame your doorways with our lighting chains . Wrap a string or two of fairy lights around your Christmas garlands. See where your imagination takes you.

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