How to care for your indoor plants

Houseplants are perfect for your home because they bring colours, textures, life and warmth. They can make the rooms feel more fresh, green of course, and alive. Still unsure how to invite some plants into your home? Get the greenery growing with our tips about the easy basics and let your inner green fingers do the rest. 
The right pots for your plants
Plants live best in the right pot. Select a pot that fits your plants. When choosing a pot, make sure to consider its size, material and drainage capability. Use a pot that’s proportional to your plant’s current size. Once the plants outgrows its home, you can transfer it into a larger pot.

Feed with nutrients

To get a healthy indoor plant growth, use fertiliser regularly in the potting soil to supply nutrients. In general, fertilise your house plants once a month when they’re growing or flowering. Things to remember, specific plants require their own unique fertiliser schedule or specific fertiliser type. 
Be water wise 
Learn to recognise when your plants need water. Provide plants with enough water to keep the soil moist rather than wet. Be careful not to over water and make sure your pots have drainage holes. Most plants only need to be watered once or twice a week, or you can mist them three times a day to keep them humid. 
Look for the right light
When placing your plants, Work out how the light moves around your home and pick plants to match its sunspots and shady corners, humidity levels and temperature. In general, houseplants require a level of humidity to their natural growing conditions. From there, you can group plants based on their similar needs. 

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