Start a more sustainable life at home

Save our Earth from your home

A more sustainable life can start with simple steps, such as saving water and energy, sorting waste, and using furniture made of sustainable materials.

Reduce energy & water waste

Not only save Earth's important resources, you can also save on your monthly bills by switching to energy-efficient LED bulbs and water-saving taps.

Healthier home

Keeping yourself and your family healthy is as important as protecting our Earth. Doing simple exercise and cleaning your home regularly is one of the easy steps you can take.

Small change, big impact

Simple changes to our habits can make our homes more sustainable and have a positive impact on the planet.

Choosing more sustainable materials

By using sustainable-material products, you’ve taken part in creating a better world. Nowadays, more than 60% of the IKEA product range is based on renewable materials, and more than 10% contains recycled materials. By 2030, all will be renewable or recycled, making it easier than ever to find affordable and sustainable high quality home furnishings.

Longer lasting

Protecting furniture so that it lasts for many years helps us to be a more conscious consumer and contribute to waste reduction.

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