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Discover innovative ways to save money without compromising on quality. Explore our range of products designed for smarter spending.​ ​

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Ergonomic Workspace

​Create a comfortable and efficient workspace with our ergonomic solutions.

Better materials​

The materials we choose, how we source and use them all has an impact on the sustainability dimensions of a product. Learn about some of our innovative and more sustainable materials, including sustainably sourced wood, as well as how we are working with recycled materials.

Plastic reducing products​​

Phasing out single-use plastic doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply changing to the sustainable products you'll find here such as bamboo straws, reusable shopping bags and glass food containers is an easy step to get onto a more eco-friendly path.​

New furniture – or refreshed furniture?​

Often, you can refresh well-used furniture for little cost or effort. Perhaps your sofa has washable and replaceable covers or your wood furniture needs only a lick of paint or wood stain for years of extra use.​

See all sofa covers​

Can you fix it? Yes, you can​

A minor repair or adjustment may be all you need to get a wobbly chair, table or sofa back into action. For smaller spare parts, you can order online. Saving you the cost and effort of replacing the furniture.​

See all kits, tools and chemical products​

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