Newborn essentials checklist

It's a joy to wait for the baby's arrival. You may have considered the baby equipment you should buy. If you still think you're missing something, the checklist below can be helpful.​

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Let your little one sleep well​

Make your baby's bedtime more comfortable by adding soft sleep textiles and the soothing light of a night lamp.​

There is no place as safe as home​

Children love to explore! Make your home a safe place to play for your little one by adding safety equipment throughout the house.​​

Changing baby diapers just got easier​

Baby diapers need to be changed frequently, so make sure you have a comfortable place to change your baby's diapers. Use a changing table with storage to make it easier for you to reach what you need while always keeping one hand on baby.​

The perfect toys for babies​

Play is very important to develop your baby's skills. Give your little one toys that are not only fun, but also made from safe materials.​

Precious moment for mom and baby​

Breastfeeding can be a way to create bonding time between mom and baby. Make breastfeeding time more comfortable for mom and baby by providing a nursing sofa and pillow. Mom can easily find the items she need, thanks to well-organised storage.​

Your little one is ready to eat on their own

Baby's growth is very fast, and now your little one has entered the age that is ready to learn about self-feed. Provide safe and comfortable cutlery and highchair so they can enjoyably explore the flavors of food.​

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