Minimise pollution, maximise activities

The amount of news about polluted air in the Jabodetabek area, especially Jakarta, should not be underestimated. Because polluted air is certainly not good to breathe and it's a good idea to consider reducing outside activities to maintain our health.​

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Clean air, clear mind​​

Maintain good air circulation and quality at home by using an air purifier that filters fine dust in the air.​

Your work from home solution​​

Considering working from home without having to travel to the office is also a good option for now. Various work equipment from IKEA are ready to accompany you to work from home comfortably.

Stay cheerful when playing at home​

Providing some toys that can keep children busy while at the same time supporting their creativity is one of the best ways so that children don't get bored due to reduced activities outside the home.​

New hobbies to refresh your mind​

Creating a new routine or hobby, such as caring for plants, can help you clear your mind and make your home look prettier with a natural feel.​

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