Rumahku, ceritaku challenge

How to play:

  1. Each participant will be informed about the regulations and the map of the game spot.
  2. Participants will try to find the game spot. There will be 6 points/booth to do the game/challenge​.
  3. Participants will read the question/challenge.
  4. Participants will try to find the answer around them, they will get some clue/hint for the answer.
  5. Participants will answer the question/challenge with the correct “keyword” through online platform (using QR Code)​ at the game spot.
  6. Participants will do the same things to finish the challenge in the other point/booth. After they complete the game/challenge, they can validate their answers in the end point booth which located in Customer Relation area. 
  7. If all answers are correct, they will get a stamp to redeem the ”Us & Our Planet” book in Customer Relation area​.
  8. Before redeeming the book, participants need to register themselves as a IKEA Family member. And then, they will get the ”Us & Our Planet” book and special rewards.​

Terms and conditions:

  1. “Rumahku, Ceritaku” challenge starts in all IKEA stores on 26 September - 2 October 2022. ​
  2. Participants are required to take part in six (6) challenges for six (6) themes. To redeem books and special rewards in the Customer Relation area, participants must show proof that they have completed the game.​
  3. To receive books and special rewards, challenge participants must have the IKEA Indonesia app which must be shown to our Customer Relation co-workers when redeeming books and special rewards.​
  4. Each participant who meets the requirements will receive one Us and Our Planet book and a special reward.​
  5. If the participant received the Us and Our Planet book from another program (IKEA Family program), he or she is not entitled to receive it back in this challenge. Participants will only receive special rewards determined by IKEA Indonesia.​
  6. Book and special rewards redemption from the "Rumahku, Ceritaku" challenge are only valid on the day challenge participants to complete the games, while stocks last.

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