Keep your home clean

A clean house starts with organising

  • Organising and storing cleaning detergent, out of reach of children in leak-proof boxes.
  • Closed boxes with lids, for items that should not gather dust or are not used often.
  • Store things in see-through boxes, so you can find easily them.
  • Open boxes keep things handy and in reach whenever you need them.

Stay Healthy with Proper Food Hygiene

  • Washing and preparing food the right way, is key for storing food for long times.
  • Washing, cutting, peeling, cooking, storing and when it's all done, enjoying!

Step 1: Wash

Wash your food well before cooking. Using a colander saves time, water and space.

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Step 2: Prepare

Be careful not to mix raw and cooked foods, and use separate cutting boards when cooking vegetables and meat.

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Step 3: Cook

Make sure to cook the ingredients properly. IKEA cookware makes it easy to cook delicious food.

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Step 4: Store

We offer many types of food storage containers. Perfect for separating raw and cooked food and in many different sizes.

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Must haves for bathroom cleanliness

  • Even in your family, towels should not be shared. To make it easy every day, use different colors of towels or hooks, to tell them apart.
  • No extra hooks in your bathroom? No worries, with our no-drill suction cup hooks, you can install some extra easily.
  • No-touch waste bins, to dispose things without touching the lid, can help you keep your bathroom clean.

Items to help you clean with ease

  • Refresh sponges from time to time, to prevent spreading germs.
  • To prevent spread of germs in the kitchen or house, clean handles and surfaces frequently with fresh sponges and soap or detergent.
  • Use bins with a lid, to keep smells and used items locked away.

A clean and tidy space to sleep

  • Use mattress and pillow protectors for hygienic use of bedding and to make it last longer.
  • Nearly all our comforters, protectors, and bed linen are washable at 60 degrees.
  • You can store extra comforters in vacuum bags to save space and keep them clean when you don't need them.

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