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Storage solution for studying and playing

Children love to explore and sometimes they leave a mess – especially when they study from home. Place storages that are easy to use for organising and storing their toys and school supplies. Come in various sizes, you can choose storage that suits with your needs – to organise their stationeries or store their soft toys.

There's always room for their things

No more cluttered  toys and school supplies with storage boxes. The transparant plastic reveals the contents inside and makes it easy for children to find what they need. You can use storage boxes to organise their books or store their toys.

Good lighting for bright thinking

Good lighting is very important to help your children focus and concentrate on study. Use the lamp that has adjustable shade and arm so your children can direct it as needed.

Perfect for studying from home

Keep your children focused by providing a comfortable and organised place for study. Storage boxes can work as a stationery organiser to help your children find their pen or pencil easily. And the stand keeps mobile phone and tablet stable while studying.


For your little professional artist

Let your children be more creative with our MÅLA art supplies. This drawing case is a small artist's best travel companion. Lots of pockets for pens, crayons, paper and scissors – and a drawing board on the back. Of course everything in the MÅLA series is non-toxic – we care just as much about the creative minds of the next generation as you do.

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